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Message 18141 - Posted: 1 Jul 2008, 14:27:22 UTC

Besides keeping statistics on all BOINC projects, teams and participants and having one of the busiest message boards around, BOINCstats recently passed the 100M mark in total team credit and is in sixth place in the PrimeGrid Challenge. More great news is that BOINCstats is currently in 15th place in the SIMAP Scramble, up from 43rd in just two months. I believe Top 10 ranking after this month's competition is over is within sight.

BOINCstats is ranked #51 among 75K+ teams and is approaching another milestone: 600 members, a goal that should be reached this month. BOINCstats also has a balanced presence and often top 20 ranking over a wide spectrum of BOINC projects.

. . . all in all, a growing dynamic group!

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Daniel Decker

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Message 26412 - Posted: 1 Aug 2009, 18:59:24 UTC - in response to Message 18141.  

Sid, I am looking for help finding my old account and a new team. Four or five years ago, I set out on a mission to get to the top 20 users on seti with BOINC. I did finally make it to number 16 on the top 20 list by myself as I remember. At the time I was very busy and the background software for BOINC was announced to be changed. I was going to have to re-install the software on too many computers to keep it going. Still mad about that. Time heals all things and I want to resume my efforts. I found my user "daniel - oklahoma city" on the site but have no idea what email address I used at the time or what the password might be. I would love to take up where I left off and again start adding PC's to my efforts but don't know how or where to start. I think I joined a team eventually,(boincsynergy) but it seems they are done now. How can I get back to my old account and resume? Then I need a new team so that I will have support to get past trial and error with some help. Are you able to forward this email to a person that can help? Any info you might have would help. Where can I go from here? - Daniel Decker - - "daniel - oklahoma city" P.S. At the time I may have been "". Then as I as I said I would like to join a new team. My direct email is which I just registered a few minutes ago. My original join up date was back in 1999 and I would like to get that account re-activated with my new email address. You may have no knowledge as to haw to do this but you may be able to forward this to someone who can. Please send me your email address and when I get this resolved I can contact you about a new team.
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