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Michael Mastro

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Message 17876 - Posted: 15 Jun 2008, 19:54:53 UTC

Hello to all...

For some reason Boinc seems to be ignoring S@H. Rosetta is running on both processors, and Boinc never switches to S@H. My "Host Total" hasn't changed in 15 days, and my "Host Average" continues to decline. I tried re-setting the project to no avail. Any ideas?

Thank you, in advance...
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United Kingdom
Message 17878 - Posted: 16 Jun 2008, 0:05:23 UTC

Your same question was answered here six minutes after you posted it. It's usually a good idea only to post a question in one thread on one forum so the discussion and responses are coherent.
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Message boards : Questions and problems : Boinc ignoring S@H?

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