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Mr. Majestic

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Message 17779 - Posted: 11 Jun 2008, 17:41:14 UTC

You may ask your self: why should I join BOINC Energized instead of a different team? The answer is simple. We are an international, BOINC-wide team that does not discriminate based on origin, language, or where you live like some other teams has been known to do. This means that anyone in the world can join scanning for what ever BOINC powered project they want. We are a very friendly team and I encourage you to come and check out our website:
Some new feature are:
Project of the month
Forum ranks
Improved privacy to protect you from the all so evil spammers
and more!
Things to come:
detailed stats page (currently under construction)
and many "site member only" features

Our site is open to every one. Come by and take a look. Please feel free to join the forums and join in in the discussions, even if you are not going to join the team. I look forward to seeing you on the team!
John (a.k.a. Albert)

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