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Message 17346 - Posted: 15 May 2008, 0:36:56 UTC
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Discussion: Displaying project forums on this website

I would like to discuss the possibility of being able to display a forum from another BOINC project on this website. I realise that there are many difficulties in doing this but it would be good just to explore what is possible!

The hypothetical idea;

The idea behind this would be that, in theory, a user would visit this website and would see the current list of forum categories like BOINC Manager, BOINC core client, The Lounge, etc, etc. But the user would also see one forum that is actually sitting on the SETI@home website or Rosetta website or Einstein website, and so on!. So in theory, the user would seamlessly be seeing all the BOINC dev forum categories and one project forum from all the selected BOINC projects that might be on one of the project lists here on the BOINC website.

So from the user perspective, i would be reading messages in the different sections and i would be posting messages to them also. But it would appear seamless to me if i post a message on the Einstein forum area, that the message is somehow being posted on both websites. Or at least it would appear that way to the user.

The reality of this;

In reality, this is difficult because of the cookie problem. This website sees the user as logged in on this website but not on the Einstein forum for example.

One way to achieve this is using iframes on this website to display forums from another website. I have built a full working example on www.boincteams.com and you can try it out here; http://www.boincteams.com/index.php/boinc-projects-message-boards
The landing page for the Boincteams.com project message boards explains to the user how to use it and the problem with 3rd party website cookies.

I currently have about 10 or 15 experimental projects added to see what it is like. The iframes are a poor way of doing this as many of the projects have different website formatting.

Discussion and thoughts;

What are your thoughts about being able to do this?. Is there another way of displaying a forum from another BOINC project seamlessly on this website or another website so the user can read and post messages all from this website?

This is a hypothetical discussion and i am aware that Dave A might not allow this. If this was possible, projects could choose if they want to be a part of it. If a project does not want to be part of it, their project would not be displayed here.

What are your thoughts and comments?

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Message 17350 - Posted: 15 May 2008, 9:13:12 UTC
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This message was posted by ME!!. I was logged in under another account :). Just in case anyone was wondering.

John37309/Johnney Guinness/Ireland BOINC
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