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Message 11249 - Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 7:30:29 UTC

I've searched BOINC, SETI, and BAM! Forums (didn't find a GridRepublic forum) but don't see any head-to-head comparisons.

Is there a comparison of these (or other) Account Managers somewhere?

I like SIMPLE, non-intrusive, hands-free operation.

Personally, I’m not concerned with stats, signatures, teams, etc.
What I am concerned with is being able to monitor, manage, and reconfigure REMOTE machines that I don’t physically get to but once a year. Each owner of a machine may want different project, preferences, and configuration. I usually do not get more than one WU per project at a time since most of them have nearly continuous Internet access.

Any suggestions? Comments?
No Flame wars please.

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Message 11264 - Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 12:33:21 UTC

I don't use either on a regular basis.

I've tested both of them.

With BAM! you can manage any of the projects (at least as soon as Willy adds them in - and he's quite good at getting new ones added in once the project gives him the go-ahead). With GR, there's a limited number of projects that you can manage. Looks like they've added more since the last time I checked. But BAM! definitely gives you more projects.

BAM! also takes advantage of the newer core client code like a delayed detach.

I'm not nuts about either interface, but BAM! was easier for me to figure out.

Just my two cents.

Not worth much as I find an AMS overkill for my personal needs.

Kathryn :o)
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Message 11312 - Posted: 27 Jun 2007, 5:57:55 UTC

I have not actually used gridrepublic, however from what I have seen I prefer BAM!. The main reason is BAM! supports more projects. This can be a negative factor as well as a positive one. Gridrepublic only supports production level projects which can be a good thing if you are not interested in the newest beta level projects.

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Message 11379 - Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 9:20:57 UTC

I think the main difference is the target crunchers:

Grid Republic was planned to attract new crunchers to BOINC, so it should be quite easy to use and support mainly productive projects. I've nerver really used it, but what I saw as I created an account there some month ago it fits this target quite well.

BAM! was created for the users of BOINCstats, most of them already crunchers if not members of ATA (Alpha Testers Anonymous), so it's purpose was more to cater them with as ful as possible services, not so much to attract newbies through it.
Gruesse vom Saenger

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