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Message 9408 - Posted: 7 Apr 2007, 22:00:25 UTC

Hi All

I'm a Tech Facilitator at a high school in Oregon - I want to set up a team on Boinc but after much searching I either can't find the info or I'm staring at it and can't see it in front of me.

It was quick and easy to set all this up on at the Stanford Folding At Home site (just an observation).

Goal is to get a school team on both sites and get students involved in both the science of these projects and also to start running these programs to add work cycles. I also plan to setup several of our older PCs with Linux supporting both efforts 24/7.

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Message 9409 - Posted: 7 Apr 2007, 22:20:23 UTC
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Teams are set up at the project sites:

For example, at this project site, you follow the teams link from the front page, and then get to the team page. Click on 'create a team'. It's usually identical at most projects.

Front page (follow 'teams' link):

Team page (follow 'create a team' link):

I haven't ever looked at Folding@Home, is it different?

If you want to have the same team at multiple projects, you do the same thing, but you must make sure that the team names are absolutely identical.
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Message boards : Web interfaces : confused on team setup

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