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Message 8591 - Posted: 7 Mar 2007, 9:13:45 UTC
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I realize that this wouldn't be anyone's particular priority as far as distributed computing, but I would like to report that I have tried to create a Profile for my account on this BOINC Message Boards and I do not see that it is working for me.

I have created Profiles for myself on various project message boards like seti@home, etc.

After my latest attempt, when I clicked on the icon at the bottom that is used to enter the new or edited Profile data, it faced me with the page of but the page was completely blank. It did not even say "Profile data has been submitted" - which is what it said on some previous attempts.

If I could get past this submittal problem, would my new Profile data become effective immediately - or would there be a time lag to allow for database updates or rejection of unacceptable Profile data, etc ..?

I am using a Mac/Intel with Mac OS X and the Safari browser and a DSL Internet access. My software is very up to date.

I do expect to post here from time to time, as I am running a few @home projects and also try to do @home beta testing.

A member Profile, of course, is just a "bell or a whistle", but if anyone has the answer for me, I would like to be able to create one.

Yours truly.
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Message 8595 - Posted: 7 Mar 2007, 12:36:36 UTC

The BOINC forums are for help on all matters with the BOINC client and server software. BOINC isn't a project. So what use is a profile here? Or being on a team, for that matter? Your credit here will always stay zero.
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Message boards : Web interfaces : No "biggie" - but I don't think that Profile is working for me ...

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