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Message 8224 - Posted: 14 Feb 2007, 23:01:54 UTC

Hey all. I'm trying to figure out a way to install BOINC on my fathers compy and make it shut down without asking. Does anyone else have that problem? If I can get it to shut down quietly then I have the option of installing it on three other computers. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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Ocean Archer

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Message 8226 - Posted: 14 Feb 2007, 23:05:54 UTC

Hey there InYorFace--

Please excuse my question, but what exactly do you mean?? I'm using XP on my machine here, and I have never noticed BOINC holding up a shutdown request from the XP operating system. Can you explain/describe what's happening a little clearer, so a dummy like me can figgure it out and try to help??


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Message 8234 - Posted: 15 Feb 2007, 0:55:00 UTC

I am not sure what to do with this thread....

The first BOINC Rule specifically says:

"Run BOINC only on authorized computers

Run BOINC only on computers that you own, or for which you have obtained the owner's permission. Some companies and schools have policies that prohibit using their computers for BOINC-based projects."

So unless you get your father's permission to run BOINC on his computer, please do not ask for ways to run it anyway without him knowing it.

I'll leave this thread open for now, but will keep a sharp eye on it.
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Message 8475 - Posted: 1 Mar 2007, 23:42:25 UTC

do you mean you can run boinc as long as it isn't visible? If you install it as a service (an option when installing) and uncheck 'start boinc when logging on' (or something like that) then the boinc manager won't load (but the boinc service will), and so you will never get any BOINC pop-up messages or any notification that it's running, except in task manager where you'll see the boinc.exe and project threads running.

If you've alreay installed it as a service then just remove the shortcut to BOINC Manger from the startup folder in the start menu.

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Message 8824 - Posted: 17 Mar 2007, 7:06:14 UTC - in response to Message 8234.  

...unless you get your father's permission to run BOINC on his computer, please do not ask for ways to run it anyway without him knowing it.

There are a *lot* of occasions where owner != user. Work machines, net cafes, gaming cafes, etc etc. And the policy (quite rightly) is that permission is needed from the owner, not necessarily from the user. In those cases, an install needs to be unobtrusive to the user.

Secondly, even when installing on a machine with a single user/owner, it is often the case in my experience that permission is granted on the condition that the user is not hassled by the extra software.

It is prudent, of course, for an admin to remind us all about the policy in a thread whose advice *could* be misused.

Equally there are many proper uses of this advice and I sure hope nobody reading Ageless's reminder took it as any kind of comment on IYF's motives.

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Message 8842 - Posted: 17 Mar 2007, 22:06:18 UTC


Are you referring to the 'Windows cannot shut down the BOINC.EXE process, kill it?' message while Windows is shutting down?

This occurs when Boinc is closing too slowly, and Windows gets impatient and decides to send it a kill message. Usually fatal to whatever WU was being processed at that time if you say 'yes'.

If you right-click on the Boinc icon and exit just before shutting down it usually solves it - but there is also a windows registry setting that can be changed to give extra time during shutdown. See this thread for more information.
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