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Message 8079 - Posted: 8 Feb 2007, 17:09:37 UTC

Hello, my name is George Bitar. I am new to the forum and I am new to BOINC. We have an application that is built in C++. Is this a suitable programming language for BOINC or will we need to convert to C? Maybe C and C++ work. I thought I had read that they are supported but now I can't find the documentation to back this up. Thanks in advance - George Bitar
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Message 8080 - Posted: 8 Feb 2007, 17:22:53 UTC

C++ is in fact better. BOINC API is compatible with C for applications too though. As explained on the API documentation, "The BOINC API is a set of C++ functions. Most of the functions have a C interface, so that they can be used from programs written in C and other languages."

By the way, the API forum would have been better for your question.
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Message 8082 - Posted: 8 Feb 2007, 17:38:19 UTC

Moved to the API forum. ;)
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