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Message 114006 - Posted: 9 May 2024, 12:56:49 UTC

Hi everyone :) I'm not sure if this is the spot for me to post this question. I've been a SETI/BOINC member since 2004 but this is my first time posting. For Boinc I use Science United and don't have any other account. One of the projects I run is Prime Grid. At least once a week on my notice board, it will say "You have received a private message" (https://prnt.sc/2ne1yo-N7cSm) but the message is only accessible through a Prime Grid account, which I do not have. Can anyone help me to understand why this is here? How am I being messaged if I don't have an account? It's just a little weird and a little annoying that it shows up so often.

Thanks everyone :) Have a terrific day :)
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Message 114008 - Posted: 9 May 2024, 21:03:45 UTC - in response to Message 114006.  

Long story short: Since you are using Science United to manage your project and master login to them there is no way for you to read these messages.

* Your question was previously answered in an old topic on this message board. You can read the details by following this link.
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