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Message 110625 - Posted: 3 Dec 2022, 15:18:34 UTC


I recently found out that BOINC has an Android client. So decided to use it on my old android phones that are lying around gathering dust.

To start I installed the Android app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. No issues with the apk download or install. However, when I try to attach a project after logging in it gives me errors like "account exists with a different password" or "account does not exist"

I also have a spare chromeOS device on which I have Linux installed as a VM container. Over there I have installed the app but when I launch it I get an error saying. "BOINC Manager is not able to start a BOINC client. Please run the client and try again."

I hope this is a known problem with a known fix as I would love to start contributing to the project again.

Hardik Panjwani
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Message boards : Android : Issues on Android/chromeOS

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