Happy 20th Birthday BOINC!

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Message 109744 - Posted: 31 Aug 2022, 19:25:20 UTC

I knew I'd forgotten something. Something in another thread stirred this loose.

Going to the bottom of https://boinc.berkeley.edu/old_news.php it says:
BOINC is under development. The basic features are working on UNIX platforms. We plan to release the first public application of BOINC later this year.
24 Aug 2002, 0:00:00 UTC
We missed BOINC's 20th birthday, a week ago!

So... without further ado: 🥳🥳🎈🎇 Happy 20th Birthday BOINC! 🎇🎈🥳🥳
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Message 109753 - Posted: 1 Sep 2022, 5:24:27 UTC
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Forgetting things is a hazard as you age... Happy birthday BOINC, been with you from the start, more or less. Was Predictor wasn't it?
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