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Ocean Archer

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Message 7626 - Posted: 20 Jan 2007, 15:35:47 UTC
Last modified: 20 Jan 2007, 15:37:25 UTC

Well, I'm not as well-versed as the rest of the people around here, but I'm going to try and describe what I'm seeing on my machines in the hope that someone can suggest a fix.

I recently changed 4 of my 5 machines over to 5.8.3. Three of the machines are PIIIs running W2K, and the other is an AMD64 machine running XP home. Each of my machines are set to run several different projects.

With 5.8.3, I find that when the BOINC program switches from one project to another, the program loses connection with the internet, and cannot re-hook unless I manually stop the BOINC program and restart it - at which time, BOINC picks up and continues until the next time to switch from project to project, when it all happens again. I've not cycled through all my different programs as yet, but I'm totally sure that this problem is present when running either SETI, SETI Beta or EINSTEIN.

I don't hide my machines, so you can observe the same reports that I see, and possibly recommend/suggest a course to follow - I'd be much in your debt ......

P.S. I'm still running 5.7.5 on my last machine as a "baseline", and it does not exhibit any of the problem mentioned above ....

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Message 7637 - Posted: 20 Jan 2007, 21:02:00 UTC

It's possible this is an effect of the new libCurl used. We're reporting all loss of contacts to the developers.
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