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Message 108572 - Posted: 19 Jun 2022, 12:00:23 UTC

I run Boinc on a Handful of Old laptops running Debian. I Installed all but the latest one by hand. I have recently gotten into managing them with Ansible.

For the latest one I wrote a playbook to do the install. I am fairly sure I got it right, I duplicated all of install steps I used for the other laptops. The ones I installed by hand are all running fine and getting credit. The latest one seems to be running fine, using boincmd and htop I can see it is computing. It shows up in my host list on boincstats. It has been running for around 2 months and still shows no credit.

I'm about to do a clean install of Debian and install Boinc by hand but I was hoping someone would have an idea what is wrong?
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Richard Haselgrove
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Message 108573 - Posted: 19 Jun 2022, 12:08:15 UTC - in response to Message 108572.  

For credit issues, you usually need to go back to the science project you're working for.

Look at their website first - specifically, your account.

Is this computer shown on your account? Has it been allocated any tasks? Have they been completed? Have the been reported? Were they valid? Have they been granted credit?

Don't simply rely on external statistics sites like BOINCstats. They're too far down the food chain. Go to the source, where the credit would be granted.
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Bryn Mawr
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Message 108579 - Posted: 19 Jun 2022, 15:49:26 UTC

The other thing to check is that you have ticked ok to export stats under gdpr rules. If not ticked you will earn the credits but they’ll never show up on any stats website.
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