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Message 107964 - Posted: 26 Apr 2022, 8:30:02 UTC

Dear Pentathletes,

a lot has changed since SETI.Germany invited to the first BOINC Pentathlon in 2010. But even twelve years later we are happy to continue a tradition with you again: The thirteenth BOINC Pentathlon starts in just over one week. From 5 May, the computers and their owners can once again show what they are capable of. For a period of two weeks, they once more have to overcome the various adversities and prove their abilities, but even the Pentathlon is not sheltered from changes: This year, the former Marathon track features three obstacles, where bonus credits are up for the grabs. So, what are you waiting for?

Until 2 May, the teams can sign up using this form. We are already looking forward to your strategies and a great time with you, because:

It will be exciting again at the BOINC Pentathlon!
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