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Message 107160 - Posted: 22 Feb 2022, 9:41:37 UTC

BOINC 17.16.11 (x64) on Win 10 fully updated.

Yesterday I re-enabled Rosetta. I don't know whether this is of significance, but the issues I am experiencing have only happened since.

BOINC failed this morning on start up and gave the message that I should try re-installing. The attempt to download the binary from Berkeley keeps failing, so I have not re-installed.

I exited the original BOINC I'd been running for a while and it seemed to re-start okay.

Now it keeps 'losing' (or at least not listing the projects to which I subscribe). Sometimes they re-appear for a short while.

There are five Rosetta units "Waiting to run", when the projects appear. They never seem to run. The task list also keeps disappearing and then re-appearing.

No other units from other projects are in the task list at this point.

If I suspend Rosetta I get to see other tasks. There are quite a number of computation errors on Rosetta units. If I reset Rosetta I still got the same issues with BOINC, but I could see that Einstein tasks are shown with the message 'missing GPU'. Then suddenly Einstein started running on one of the GPUs okay. There's one task waiting to report and one running. I have two GPUs

I've not changed anything significant on my computer (other than re-enabling Rosetta). It looks like Rosetta may be causing the issues, but surely problems with a project should not interfere with the BOINC manager itself? Just wondering if others are experiencing like issues or have suggestions as to how to overcome?
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Message 107164 - Posted: 22 Feb 2022, 16:22:26 UTC - in response to Message 107160.  

You are using an outdated BOINC version. First thing you need to do is UPDATE YOUR BOINC SOFTWARE TO 7.18.20
download here.

Download and install, reboot PC, restart BOINC.

If problems persists, reply back and post the first 30 to 40 lines of your BOINC error log from when you start it up.
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Message boards : Questions and problems : Re-enabled Rosetta, now BOINC Manager is playing up

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