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Message 106827 - Posted: 20 Jan 2022, 3:49:34 UTC

1. Projects Tab: Add "Won't get new tasks for all projects" button. But doesn't change Status column for each project that does or doesn't have won't get new tasks. Just gray all projects when selected.
2. Project Tab: Add "Pause CPU only" button to make it so you can pause CPU work but leave GPU work alone and running.
3. Task Tab: Place "Total work units" footer to show all work units running and is stored on computer.
For all Tabs: Place "CPU" "GPU" "Net" = Networking in bottom right footer to show if either of them are paused.
Maybe like it does in WordPad with the Cap for Caps Lock and/or icon. Great to let you know if you forgot that you paused them. Of give us that option to show what we want it to show.
4. Add short cut key to pause all work even if BOINC is not focused. Great if your computer slows to a crawl. Sometimes Taskbar can be unstable at times, and you can't click on anything there or just the hole computer where you can't click on anything to respond, but computer is still running fine, and you want to get back control of the computer. 3 keys should be ok. Times it took so long to get my computer under control. Running to many virtual box work units at once will do that.
Software: BOINC v7.24.1 Win 11 Pro, Video Drivers v551.76, CUDA v12.4, V-Box v7.0.6
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Message boards : BOINC Manager : Addons that may help make things easier

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