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Message 106053 - Posted: 9 Nov 2021, 14:29:11 UTC - in response to Message 106052.  

Because if no one (admins, users) reports them stopped/ended/otherwise AWOL, there's no way for the developers to adjust the website or projects list in BOINC Manager. Mindmodelling was removed a while ago.
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Message 106057 - Posted: 10 Nov 2021, 2:40:21 UTC - in response to Message 106054.  
Last modified: 10 Nov 2021, 3:12:31 UTC can we report BOINC@TACC :/ ?

It is NOT a dead project, just that work on the BOINC platform is extremely rare;
Maybe even more rare than hens teeth.

When the project was first launched, they made it clear there was not going to be "regular, daily work flow".

According to data at BOINCstats the last time the project granted any credit was on 2021-09-06 ... about 2 months ago.

There is a small subset of projects on BOINC don't have work on a regular basis.

Edit to fix some typos.
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