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Message 104038 - Posted: 21 Apr 2021, 7:00:01 UTC

Dear Pentathletes,

the twelfth BOINC Pentathlon is approaching rapidly, and SETI.Germany cordially invites all Volunteer Computing enthusiast teams to participate once again. Just two weeks remain to de-dust the computers and to expand the power lines. It might be a good idea to stock up on food, as well, since we will be stuck in front of the computers for two weeks starting on 5 May, crunching long and short, partly over rough and smooth, partly through the city, and even throwing work units.

As in the previous year, the projects for all five disciplines will be chosen by the organizers. Many questions on how things work are answered in the FAQ.

The teams can now sign up until 2 May using this form. We're looking forward to welcoming you again, because:

It will be exciting again at the BOINC Pentathlon!
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