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Message 102310 - Posted: 23 Dec 2020, 4:28:55 UTC
Last modified: 23 Dec 2020, 5:57:12 UTC

SIDock@home is a new BOINC project that studies drugs to fight COVID-19. It's sponsored by the COVID.SI project and the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
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Message 102344 - Posted: 27 Dec 2020, 0:10:36 UTC - in response to Message 102310.  

Thanks for the update I will check it out. I began to participate in World Community Grid with Team Biblepay January 6 2020. 450,000 credits later after a few months of giving my poor core i3 processor a break I'm back! Donating volunteer work for my team again. BBP is tied by a general smart contract but BBP is worth nothing (not even 1 satoshi). It's just a GREAT thing to do to help Mapping Cancer Markers, etc. I was once deathly ill and had lung surgery to save my life in 2015. I will do whatever I can to fight disease.

Volunteering my computer performance is fine by me.
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Message 102390 - Posted: 2 Jan 2021, 13:22:43 UTC - in response to Message 102344.  

They are also searching for a c++ (and OpenCl/Cuda) developer to help the project...
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Message 102397 - Posted: 4 Jan 2021, 10:24:23 UTC - in response to Message 102390.  

They are also searching for a c++ (and OpenCl/Cuda) developer to help the project...
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