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Message 101595 - Posted: 16 Nov 2020, 18:11:25 UTC

I asked about this back in august over at boinc stats. I got not response but since things seemed to work OK it was not big deal.

by work OK i mean I can attach, detach projects, etc. We are using 7.16.11. This is my sons account that has the problem. He uses BAM!

His external CPID is fb4efe.... that matches his gridcoin address, the address shown at the BAM! main account page and a "find " shows the XML files in the boinc folder have the correct external cpid. I assume that fb4efe.. is correct.

However, the account manager xml files in that boinc folder show a "host_cpid" that is 90bc86d... I have no idea what that is and I never got a response at the BAM! forum. Is that the external_cpid? if so, it does not match the actual fb4efe... He has only 2 hosts at BAM! one has a CPID of c4fd555... the other's CPID is 2ae7f835. Neither are 90bc8ed.,..

The contents of the acct_mgr_request.xml file and acct_mgr_reply.xml show that %100 is used for all resource shares. This hostid's all match the hostid's at the project. I suspect the value 90bc86d... in those acct_mgr files need to be fb4efe... is that correct?

At the BAM! main account page there is an option to "change cpid" but the cpid they show in the dialog box is the external cpid. I do not want to change that as it takes a long time for gridcoin to sync and start paying and all indications are that the fb4efe.... is correct

I read the release notes for 7.16.11 and noticed the following "Client: if AM reply includes a project we're attached to under a different account, honor the params in the AM reply, e.g resource share"

I am not sure that that means. This system used to be mine. I deleted all my projects and added the BAM! manager to the boinc manager using his account at BAM! His account at bam was used to create project accounts. I looked through all my projects and I never had a "host_cpid" of 90bc86d...

I cannot figure out why he or I cannot set the resource share. We have no problem adding projects or setting other values.
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Message 101596 - Posted: 16 Nov 2020, 18:43:21 UTC - in response to Message 101595.  

Host ID's at any project are specific ONLY to that project. And they have no bearing at all to the external CPID. You only you need to concern yourself with the external CPID for Gridcoin.

Host ID's are really only useful in determining which host at a project is of interest to you. For example looking at only at its tasks or stats.

The only place you need to concern yourself with the external CPID is in the client_state.xml file in each project section. There is a tag for <external_cpid> that should be populated automatically by project communications.

But a lot of projects don't run the current BOINC server software and thus they never populate the external cpid correctly. You can stop BOINC and manually edit the <external_cpid> xml tag in each project section of the client_state.xml to make sure your CPID is correct for Gridcoin at all your attached projects.

And the BAM account manager throws another wrinkle into the mix because it does things in its own way and is not 100% compatible with BOINC project management. You should avoid mixing control of projects with the BOINC Manager and the BAM Manager. I recommend choosing one or the other exclusively.
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Message boards : Questions and problems : host ID not matching ID at boincstats: cannot set resource share

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