Loss of operability of the Computer submitted to the Remote Computer Function

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Jorge Daud Jenner

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Message 100360 - Posted: 20 Aug 2020, 12:28:53 UTC

São Paulo, August 20, 2020 new date.

Respectable and respectable Mr. Responsible for the BOINC Program:

A few Months ago I, Jorge Daud Jenner, installed on the Computer managed by Windows 10 home, which I own, your BOINC Program from the official BOINC Website searched on Google.

I allowed the Computer just my Detention to become a Remote Computer to United Science for the Development of Projects installed at BOINC, among them Rosetta & home.

This Week, a few Days ago, the Computer submitted to the Windows 10 home Manager started to behave strangely: -the Screen has become several Times a black Screen, -the Cursor has disappeared several Times, -the responses of both the Web searches , including the Actions of Windows 10 home Manager Settings, -Windows Defender became practically non-operational, always indicating no Problem, AVAST Antivirus and 360 ditto and often did not even complete the simplified Scan, not complete of the previously mentioned Antiviruses .

Me facing the Total Loss of my Computer Control which is under my Detention submitted to the Manager Windows 10 home, I made my Decision to Uninstall the BOINC Program.

After the BOINC program was uninstalled, I got the return of full control of the Computer, which returned to its normal Operation.

It's been close to 48 hours without my Participation in United Computer Remote Mode to United Science,

I, Jorge Daud Jenner, come very Respectfully to request with your Technical Support, some Types of Procedures, Antivirus so that I can reinstall the BOINC Program and return to Participation in the Developments of the Tasks contained in BOINC, without again going back to Crash and Loss of my Control under the Computer Machine under Windows 10 Home Management.

From now on, I understand my sincere Thanks for the Attention given to this Communiqué,

Jorge Daud Jenner.
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Profile Dave

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United Kingdom
Message 100361 - Posted: 20 Aug 2020, 13:35:57 UTC

Firstly none of us here are responsible for the program. For that you need to go the developers over on git-hub. That said, this is somewhere help is available.

I would suggest you download the standard version from
This link using the top link rather than using the Science United version. This gives you control over which projects you run and the ability to stop running particular projects if they are causing problems. I would suggest it may be worth once installed, going to options>computing preferences and under use n% of CPUs reducing the percentage so you have at least one core free. My current (though not for much longer) desktop gets very sluggish at times when I let BOINC use both cores. It may also be worth checking it isn't running hot and getting memtest if you don't have it to see if there are any memory problems.

You probably still have the logfiles there but I can't remember where they live under Windows. More educated guesses may be possible if you give us some details about the machine and if you know which projects were running under Science United.
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Message boards : BOINC Manager : Loss of operability of the Computer submitted to the Remote Computer Function

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