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Message 99978 - Posted: 15 Jul 2020, 11:44:40 UTC - in response to Message 99977.  

my words: “appear to”

your words: "evidence", that’s in your head
I'm sure you can put some evidence down on your claim that "projects" (plural) appear to be spamming and spreading Trojans?
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Steven Gaber

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Message 99984 - Posted: 16 Jul 2020, 7:55:17 UTC - in response to Message 99977.  

(Seti was once in the NASA budget, a 10year project, cut short within a year)Oldsmar, FL [quote]

Seti was cut from the NASA budget because a few short-sighted senators didn't take it seriously, regarded it as a laughing matter, along with planetary defense from asteroid impacts. Eventually science and wisdom prevailed because there was a lot of scientific and public interest in both topics. SETI gained support from the National Academy of Sciences and got funding from the National Science Foundation. See:

NASA came to its senses and established the Planetary Defense Coordination Office.

Steven Gaber
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Message 99989 - Posted: 17 Jul 2020, 22:40:05 UTC - in response to Message 99978.  
Last modified: 17 Jul 2020, 22:48:47 UTC


OK then, one more example from another project:

I actually wanted to add that project around that time, actually saw all that spam
screaming at me back then and was discouraged like many others.

And who asked all those volunteers if they wanted their contribution next to spam?
"less than a pixel"
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Richard Haselgrove
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Message 100040 - Posted: 21 Jul 2020, 15:48:29 UTC

Important update

I have received a direct reply from a (named) 'Senior Malware Removal Specialist' at Malwarebytes. He reports:

I have asked the researchers to check this site for you and I have been told that this block will be lifted.
His advice was to perform a manual update to your copy of Malwarebytes any time after reading this message, and it should then be possible to visit the site normally.

It worked for me: I'm not having any problems accessing Asteroids@Home any longer.

I've given you the exact wording of the message from Malwarebytes: my interpretation is that this was a false alarm all along and there was no actual malware to be removed.

If it rears its ugly head again, please notify Malwarebytes directly and mention support ticket 3108345 for the previous report.
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Message boards : Projects : ASTEROIDSATHOME.NET distributing trojans?

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