Found the old Boinc download that Lars Bausch developed, Boinc 6.10.34 version

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Message 98259 - Posted: 1 May 2020, 22:33:23 UTC

Hi everyone,
I normally don't post but I thought of what I had found on one of my older computers was too good to pass up. If anyone remembers this download for a headless computer or someone that wanted to set up a farm for computers to take up a lot less space than others or run Boinc without a hard drive ‚Äčthis guy Lars Bausch did it and helped back then to publish his way of doing it.

The download site is no more even though it is still listed on Boinc webpages here under 3rd party downloads. (Lars Bausch)

I happened to find the following on an old computer hard drive.

I have not run the 32 bit on a computer yet but I know the x64 works cause I am running it and it is Linux machine. You can find my team name Palmetto Flats and look for the computer boinc in Rosetta@home webpage. Still working on the downloads.

I am running the 64 bit iso on virtual box right now and plan to burn it to a USB Drive for later. The iso copy I last ran on a Pentium 4 years back and on a 8 core 32 bit server that was without a hard drive but burned to a USB drive. The 64 bit file back then I did not get to try but just downloaded it just to have on hand when I could. I never got the chance and the computer holding the files died and I had just took out the hard drive yesterday to take a look before maybe discarding it due to age. I happened to find these two files on that disk and discovered that finding these two files is a pain in the butt on the internet in finding but interest is still in people searching for it.
I have placed both files in my qbittorent download/upload program.

Both files are there, dotsch_ux-12_i386.iso and dotsch_ux-12_x64.iso program
for others to download if desired from a torrent connection.

I am currently running on my system: a docker boinc computer, a regular boinc computer program and a Virtual box boinc system using the 64 bit iso.

I am finding that the dotsch_ux-12_x64.iso program is fast compared to a Pentium 4 computer, but I think it would be much faster if it is converted into a Docker Boinc container and ran that way on a computer. That is my goal in the coming days for me, is to convert this over.

This is the following information on each file if others download.

dotsch_ux-12_i386 571.6MiB
Pieces 1144 x 512.0 I have 1144 all
Torrent Hash c623d6c0f12c2e5cf18b17d6b519d145da2
Created on 4/30/2020

dotsch_ux-12_x64.iso 639.5MiB
Pieces 1280 x 512.0 I have 1280
Torrent hash b76f62ff144f4ab8bfa8c15b13f31f207ffcc282
Created on 4/30/2020

I hope that this helps others in getting ideas like I have and do things a little different than what the usual is with some time on our hands.

Thanks, and all this is do to the effort from years past by Lars Bausch.

He dared to dream a dream and developed something new to use.

User name for both programs to get in is boinc
Password for both programs is boinc

I intend to further that dream and make it into a docker container for today's computers and swarms. It may take me a bit, since I am more of an old time virtual box person. Best wishes to all.

Please if you download and try it too and do like using it, please use a torrent program to help in keeping it alive. I just listed it on a few sites so it may be May 3 or so before you can find it listed and download it from there. If anyone can tell me how to post a screenshot using this post I will reply back with the screenshots from this computer I'm using.

Thanks again.

Timothy D.
Team Palmetto Flats
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Message 98260 - Posted: 1 May 2020, 23:04:30 UTC - in response to Message 98259.  

One problem though, that version has very old certificates included, so it's entirely possible you won't be able to contact (m)any of the projects, or when you do, won't get work because of the outdated certificates. Aside from the question why you would want to use a BOINC version that's 10 years old.
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Message boards : The Lounge : Found the old Boinc download that Lars Bausch developed, Boinc 6.10.34 version

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