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Message 97929 - Posted: 21 Apr 2020, 2:49:43 UTC

When I try to run certain quchem tasks, I get the following status sometimes: "Postponed: vm job unmanageable restarting later." I've read that it might have to do with available disk space or with the page file thing with RAM. I've got 128GB of RAM, a 64-thread CPU, an 8GB page file size, and 145GB allocated to BOINC. It's weird that I'm getting that message if that's the case. The 145GB limit in BOINC manager is in place, but the ProgramData folder has less than 90GB. I don't think page file size really has anything to do with anything aside from Windows crash reports, so I don't know where people are getting that idea from.

The quchem tasks in question have already started processing, but partway through will display the change in status from "running" to "postponed: vm job unmanageable restarting later." I could just abort the tasks, but if they're still acceptable, I don't see why I can't just wait around for them to finish. It doesn't give any conditions for when it will restart, however. If it were more detailed, e.g. "in one hour" or "once x amount of disk space is available" that would make more sense. The tasks are overdue; in the event log it says "you may not get credit for them." If they're useful though, I'm fine with letting them complete; I just don't know how to make that happen.

On a side note, given that I've got a 64-thread CPU and sometimes have more than 64 tasks taking up space on my drive due to errors or tasks that "wait to finish", what is the hypothetical maximum size of all the stuff in the ProgramData BOINC folder? It seems like the "slots" folder takes up the most space, so assume I had 64 tasks minimum, each at say, 99% completion, not counting all the other tasks that are partway completed but for whatever reason aren't currently running.
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Message boards : BOINC Manager : "Postponed: vm job unmanageable restarting later" status in quchempedia

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