Second GPU stopped running WU.

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Message 94727 - Posted: 7 Jan 2020, 3:54:45 UTC

And BOINC still runs out of work for second GPU. Right now I have it grab 2 days of work and BOINC is not downloading more GPU work for second GPU card. It just stopped after 2 months of NOT touching BOINC ever. It may start working again but when I don't know. It has done this before.

SETI Beta for GPU work has been down for a long time now. If that is causing BOINC not to get more GPU work because I have SETI waiting to send finished work. And the strange thing is that I have LOTS of GPU work but won't run on my second GPU. Just the first one.

Don't have me change settings since this is a Set it and forget it program.
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Message 94732 - Posted: 7 Jan 2020, 9:04:05 UTC

A number of things,
First from your SETI data I see they are a GTX1080ti & a GTX980. By default, BOINC will use both GPUs if they are the same, and may run them if they are different.
Second you are using a driver version that is known to give problems with certain types of SETI task. Nvidia are aware of this and are working on a solution, but until such time s they do come up with a version that works there is a work-around, roll back the driver to version 431.60 or older. There is a thread on the SETI boards all about this problem (
Finally (and this is a bit of conjecture on my behalf) - until you updated the driver everything worked well, and both GPUs ran quite happily, but once you hit this driver problem the error trapping within BOINC stopped sending work to the GTX980 as it is the "weaker" of the two. I'm not sure if rolling back the driver to 361.60 will allow both GPUs to run.
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Message boards : GPUs : Second GPU stopped running WU.

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