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Message 92792 - Posted: 13 Sep 2019, 2:41:44 UTC

I've placed the following text i app_config.xml in C:\ProgramData\BOINC\projects\boinc.thesonntags.com_collatz


When I load the boinc client, there's no log entry referencing this file as I think there should be.
Can anyone help me figure out what I'm missing?
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Richard Haselgrove
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Message 92797 - Posted: 13 Sep 2019, 8:04:24 UTC - in response to Message 92792.  

From the file location, I see you're running Windows.

How did you prepare the file? The usual advice is to use the Windows simple text editor 'Notepad', but by default this produces files with the '.txt' extension - so you might have created 'app_config.xml.txt' by mistake. And then Windows hides the .txt extension in File Manager, and simply describes the file as a 'Text Document' instead.

To be certain, use Control Panel (Folder Options or File Explorer Options, depending on your version of Windows): on the View tab, uncheck "Hide extensions for klnown file types". That will show you exactly what's going on, and you can edit the file name to remove the extra '.txt' if that is indeed the problem.
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Message boards : Questions and problems : New Windows install no reading app_config.xml

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