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Message 90380 - Posted: 2 Mar 2019, 13:48:46 UTC

Dear BOINC community!
My goal is to give an easy way for donationg "Amazon EC2 Spot Instances spare compute capacity" to any CPU-intensive or GPU-intensive BOINC-projects. World Community Grip for example.
See more on https://crunching.run
"No commercial advertisements." - my project is non-profit, non-commercial.
Why in the promotion section?
I think this is a fresh modern way of promoting BOINC.
In my project, i'll need to provide the simplest interface for the operation of BOINC in the Amazon cloud with a significant discount. What is the target audience?
Fans of distributed computing! Who wants to increase power during challenges or to partially or completely replace home computer farms.
But this is not the main audience! The project is for those who do not understand anything in distributed computing. Someone who understands something, but does not want to install anything on their computer (the fan is somehow noisy, probably something is wrong, must be removed and no longer installed).
You probably heard such arguments? Yes, you can explain everything. But ask the person in a year - does he continue to compute for science? Most likely no. and only that matters.
I propose another option - a person wants to help, he pays the lowest possible price, puts several clear settings on the site and looks at the results. He can choose from one processor core to a cluster that is not possible at home. Nothing ever bothers him on his own computer, he will most likely share his pleasant success with others. That's all it takes!
I apologize for my English, and that is not enough details. More answer to any questions, if any. Tired of writing into the void.
Regards, Sergey
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Joined: 2 Mar 19
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Message 91139 - Posted: 18 Apr 2019, 8:23:45 UTC

You are welcome to test! Cloud-BOINC-Client the initial release:
Or use this direct link to the Github repository:
P.S. Works on Windows
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