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Message 89941 - Posted: 7 Feb 2019, 3:13:19 UTC

I've just returned to BOINC after some years away. The occasion: I was looking for a screensaver, and I remembered this project. Glad to be back: it appears the default settings have been improved, or something: I am not having the former problem of BOINC taking control of my system and not letting go.

I was dismayed, though, at how clunky the interface is. From the perspective of one seeking a screensaver, it's a significant drawback. I'm using World Community Grid, but the problem appears in the BOINC logo etc. as well.

My suggestion would be to offer two modes of appearance: scientific and fun. The former might provide more detail on what is happening (i.e., what is being calculated) and why it matters. The latter, designed ideally by those who know how to construct appealing graphics, might lean more toward artists' conceptions of what is happening.

The point of that suggestion would be to offer a competitive screensaver, so as to enhance BOINC's appeal to others whose machines could be contributing to the work at hand.

There may be an additional way to make BOINC more appealing. I don't presently see that the credits mean anything. It may be worth consulting with e.g., game designers for ideas on how one could spend one's credits to acquire a cooler screensaver, or to qualify as a participant in projects labeled "insider" or otherwise having cachet. For instance, maybe NASA doesn't really need BOINC -- but maybe the possibility of qualifying as a participant in some NASA-related research would stimulate participation in other computations by many hoping to qualify.

I have other ideas, but they mostly relate to drinking games, so I'll stop here.
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