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Vincenzo Cefariello

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Message 89392 - Posted: 31 Dec 2018, 0:01:59 UTC


as user of BOINC i noticed that it miss some options that can be very helpful.

1) In the Transfer Tab, you can't "Pause" the WUs, but only Retry to upload, or Abort them . Usually this is a waste of time, because you crunched for those WUs, and, maybe for a "maintenance" of the server project, you can't upload it later, but you just need to abort them.

2) You can't see statistics about your account, but you need to go to the website of BOINC stats and check it. It would be simpler if you can add CPIDS to your BOINC program, and it can recover the stats from the website.

3) the client lacks an option of resource sharing, so, if i have more projects, i need to configure for each of them the percentage of usage on their websites.[/list]
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Message boards : BOINC client : Suggestions for Improve BOINC

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