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Message 88682 - Posted: 30 Oct 2018, 19:11:14 UTC

I obtained the subject hardware but have been unable to locate an appropriate driver for it. It is currently installed in an i5-3570 MSI system running Win 10, using Boinc 7.12.1 It is an older GPU. The drivers I have found do not recognize the GPU, nor does Device
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Message 88688 - Posted: 30 Oct 2018, 21:14:43 UTC - in response to Message 88682.  
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Always download drivers from Nvidia: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/132845/en-us

Supported Products:
GeForce 400 Series: GeForce GTX 480, GeForce GTX 470, GeForce GTX 465, GeForce GTX 460 SE v2, GeForce GTX 460 SE, GeForce GTX 460, GeForce GTS 450, GeForce GT 440, GeForce GT 430, GeForce GT 420

Make sure to do a clean install.
If it still doesn't work, did you have a previous videocard of a different brand in there? Did you uninstall its drivers?
Use Display Driver Uninstaller in Windows Safe Mode to get rid of the previous drivers.
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