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Message 88535 - Posted: 19 Oct 2018, 20:13:45 UTC
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BOINC 7.14.2 available for Windows and Macintosh - Android still being tested.

On development versions of BOINC:
- Expect parts of it to be broken, or in the least to work in a different way than you are used to.
- Expect work failures, deadline misses and losing all your accumulated work in progress, or not getting credit for your work due to unknown and unforeseen circumstances.
- Only use it when you are willing to participate in the Alpha test program and do not mind sending (bug) reports in to the developers on the email list specially assigned for this purpose.
- Due to the CUDA and OpenCL detection, your screen may flicker or turn off temporarily. This is normal.

System Requirements
• Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, 32bit and 64bit.
• Mac OS X versions 10.6.0 and above, 64bit only.
• Linux, built for and current Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian/Redhat distributions, may work on others, 32bit and 64bit.

It's far easier for the developers to fix problems when you send message logs with the appropriate flags set. The main flags are:

<cpu_sched_debug>: problems involving the choice of applications to run.
<work_fetch_debug>: problems involving work fetch (which projects are asked for work, and how much).
<rr_simulation>: problems involving jobs being run in high-priority mode.
<sched_op_debug>: problems involving scheduler operations and other low level information.

Use these flags from the cc_config.xml file.

Report any problems you get with it to the Alpha email list. This list requires access to Google Groups, which may require a Gmail email address. To sign up with the group, click the "Apply to join group" button.

Reporting bugs on this forum or any project's forum isn't very productive as the developers simply do not have time to scour through all forums looking for posts with your bug reports in them. While it may happen that we - other volunteers - forward your problem to them, history has shown it is quite difficult being the middle man in this when more information is needed from you. Hence why it's better for all concerned that you report the problem directly to the developers, who will come back directly to you when they need more information or better logs or to tell you that they've checked in a fix for the specific problem.

Adding the possible bug to Github Issues is also an option. Github requires registration as well.

The actual change log was taken from the Alpha email list and the Github Timeline repository changes check-ins, but it can happen that changes in the list are missing, double, or misplaced. This disclaimer was written by the volunteer moderators of this forum and approved of by the BOINC volunteer development team.

Preliminary Change Log 7.12.1->7.14.0

    * Update installshield files; update version #s; fix Win custom action build
    * Move network_test_url tag from cc_config.xml into new nvc_config.xml file, since WCG modifies this for their branded builds (along with new version check info) and it is probably never modified for standard (unbranded) BOINC
    * Fix build break on MS Windows
    * (branding) Change network_test_url for WCG from http to https
    * client: save a copy of nvc_config.client_version_check_url in client_state.xml file, eliminating need for installer to rename previous nvc_config.xml to old_nvc_config.xml. newer_version_startup_check() compares gstate.client_version_check_url to nvc_config.client_version_check_url. If different, it clears gstate.newer_version and updates gstate.client_version_check_url.
    * Mac installer: remove code added earlier which renamed previous nvc_config.xml to old_nvc_config.xml.
    * Mac installer: remove any previous nvc_config.xml file
    * Add default nvc_config.xml file for use in MS Windows installer
    * Mac installer: fix typo in code to remove any previous nvc_config.xml file
    * Mac installer: change pkill() calls to killall() because pkill() was not available before OS 10.8
    * Revert "mac installer: change pkill() calls to killall() because pkill() was not available before OS 10.8"
    * Mac installer: change pkill() calls to killall() because pkill() was not available before OS 10.8
    * WINBUILD: Remove VS2010 compiler warnings. A few remain.
    * client: use #define DEFAULT_VERSION_CHECK_URL instead of NVC_CONFIG::get_default_version_check_url()
    add file
    * GUI: Refresh ProjectInfoPage in attach wizard
    * Improve var names and avoid divide by zero
    * Fix Darwin bug
    * Fix cs_benchmark.cpp heap destruction
    * Fix linux build
    * Mac Screensaver: fixes for dual GPU MacBook Pros running OS 10.13+
    * Mac screensaver: Fix minor typo in comment
    * Mac screensaver: Remove commented-out instruction as requested by @AenBleidd
    * Adds ability for a Brand to define the string for boinc help in the help menu through the skin.
    * Clears the Launch services database during a mac client install
    * Updates for the wcgrid brand to support the mac installer
    * Drop MIPS support
    * Harden build scripts against spurious errors
    * Update cURL build scripts
    * Update OpenSSL build scripts
    * Android: Fix arm64 BOINC build
    * Android: Fix x86_64 BOINC build
    * Update cURL and OpenSSL versions
    * client: parse and store user and team name from account manager. If the AM is "dynamic", show those for projects attached via AM, rather than e.g. "Science United user 123456".
    * Android: Raising targetSdkVersion to 26 (Oreo) as required by Google Play Store as of 11/2018
    * Android: Match Android API requirement with BOINC app counterpart for consistency
    * Android: Ensure Android NDK r18 compatibility
    * Android: Fix libstdc++ path for armv7-a architecture
    * Android: Raised minimum Android requirement to KitKat 4.4.4 (API level 19)
    * Android: Workaround for missing truncate() libc function
    * Android: Partially revert "Ensure Android NDK r18 compatibility"
    * Android: Upgrade Gradle
    * Android: Adapt to v7 appcompat support library API changes (as of 25.1)
    * web: Add languages to language selection menu for which we have translation files but which, for some reason, were missing from the list (?). Namely: Azerbaijani, Basque, Italian, Norwegian, Persian, and Ukranian.
    * web: Fix file to include more correct spelling of Ukrainian language
    * web: Fix English spelling of Ukrainian language string
    * GUI: Tune simple preferences dialog
    * GUI: Tune advanced preferences dialog
    * client: Change strcpy to use the safe_strcpy and strcat to use safe_strcat in acct_setup.cpp, hostinfo_unix.cpp and hostinfo_unix_test.cpp
    * Updates for WCG branded client
    * client/ASYNC_VERIFY::verify_chunk: delay casting of size_t to int
    * client/ASYNC_VERIFY::verify_chunk: check ferror() after a fread()/fwrite()
    * Removed copy of put in trash icon because not used in branded installer and cleaned up comments
    * Locale: Update localization template files
    * Locale: Update localization files
    * client/scheduler: update NVidia detection
    * Improve .gitignore by adding .vscode folder
    * update boinccas.dll, which shouldn't exist in the first place
    * lib: implement get_real_executable_path() for more OSs
    * client: fix GPU detection with --detach_console
    * client: use full path to client executable in GPU detection
    * lib: change run_program() to use $PATH
    * client: decode error codes in detecting GPUs
    * client: remove unnecessary chdir() calls in GPU detection
    * build: remove the test for /proc/self/exe
    * Added ping function
    * Revert "Added ping function"
    * Added ping function
    * lib: add a function to test if path is absolute
    * client: reduce log spamming in GPU detection
    * update project list
    * update version #s
    * update vbox files

Preliminary Change Log 7.14.0->7.14.1

    * fix run_program() bug

Preliminary Change Log 7.14.1->7.14.2

    * update .ism files
    * Mac: add note to build instructions that BOINC 7.14.x and earlier can not be built using Xcode 10 or later.
    * Mac: Fix minor typo in installer ReadMe
    * Mac build instructions: add information on setting the version of Xcode Tools
    * Mac: screensaver works with OS 10.14 Mojave
    * Mac installer: don't overwrite project list if newer
    * Update NVIDIA GPU detection for recent models

Available installers:

Windows 7.14.2
- boinc_7.14.2_windows_intelx86.exe
- boinc_7.14.2_windows_x86_64.exe
Windows version with VirtualBox 5.2.8 included
- boinc_7.14.2_windows_intelx86_vbox.exe
- boinc_7.14.2_windows_x86_64_vbox.exe

Macintosh 7.14.2

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