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Wade Smart

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Message 88249 - Posted: 27 Sep 2018, 19:01:04 UTC

* Boinc Version: 7.9.3 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
• the CPU brand and model: Intel, Core2 Quad Q9550
• the GPU brand and model: RV730 Pro (Radeon HD 4650)
• the operating system that you use: Kubuntu 18.04
* project: SETI

I was watching the Ford hearing on Facebook when the video started using 100% cpu and memory. It locked the computer. I shut down to regain control. After rebooting boinc manger started but the client can not. I did delete the lock file and rebooted but that did not help. There is nothing in the syslog.
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Message 88258 - Posted: 28 Sep 2018, 22:38:34 UTC - in response to Message 88249.  
Last modified: 28 Sep 2018, 22:49:18 UTC

Really? I can already hear Sean Hannity ranting about how Ford crashed computers, but only repuglican computers, not dem computers. Deeeeeeep staaaaaaaaate or what

If you installed BOINC from Ubuntu repos then it's installed as a daemon (service) unless you did something non-standard. Check for details on the systemctl command and its options for checking the condition of any daemon including the boinc-client daemon.

I would start with "sudo systemctl status boinc-client" to see if the daemon is running. If not then the crash might have somehow disabled it in which case "sudo systemctl enable boinc-client" might be able to enable it (assuming no corrupted init files). If that doesn't enable it then try disabling it then re-enabling it (might rebuild corrupted init files if any).

Note that the enable option does not start a daemon it simply enables it to be started on system boot. Nor does the disable option stop a started daemon.

If you don't get errors from the status, enable and disable options then try starting the daemon manually with "sudo systemctl start boinc-client". If it starts then BOINC manager should be able to connect to it. If the daemon starts but the manager cannot connect to it then that's a different problem altogether.

BTW, "sudo systemctl status boinc-client" starts an ongoing monitoring process. Press q to exit that process and return to the command prompt.
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Message boards : Questions and problems : Client will not start after another application crashed

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