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Message 87594 - Posted: 13 Aug 2018, 7:40:02 UTC

Ubuntu 18.04
Installed boinc via software centre
Doesn't seem to have screensaver
Looked around forums - I don't have any .xscreensaver folder

How do I get a screensaver ?
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Message 87670 - Posted: 16 Aug 2018, 6:50:52 UTC - in response to Message 87594.  
Last modified: 16 Aug 2018, 7:00:08 UTC

Ubuntu 18.04 here too and I have a .xscreensaver folder. Install xscreensaver from repos and then you'll have a .xscreensaver folder too.
Will it work with BOINC screensaver? I've never tried it with BOINC screensaver. All I ever did with xscreensaver was create custom rotating whirly texts containing disparaging remarks about Trumplethinskin to PO deplorables. It works very well for that :) xscreensaver is extremely well designed and written, very customisable. I bet it will work with BOINC screensaver if setup properly.
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Message boards : Questions and problems : screensaver for ubuntu 18.04 ?

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