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Message 87364 - Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 16:17:38 UTC

BOINC runs for a while and then pauses with the message "Connect your device to a charger to continue computing. Of course it is plugged in since there is no battery. Restarting the application or rebooting the computer does not resume processing. Reinstalling BOINC will get it going again for a while and it reoccurs. I have Android 4.4.4 and BOINC 7.5.43, also fails with 7.4.43. I see I am not the only person to have experienced this error, but I have not seen any fixes?
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Message 87365 - Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 16:32:01 UTC - in response to Message 87364.  

Development of the Android client is at a total stand still, because we don't have a developer for it.

This however could well be a thing caused by Android telling BOINC that the battery is at zero percent and that this action is now needed. You're lucky as well, as. I have a tablet with a broken battery and when it reaches zero percent battery, it just turns off.
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Message 87957 - Posted: 7 Sep 2018, 4:14:22 UTC - in response to Message 87364.  

What happens if you tell BOINC to ignore the battery. Some of my phones do this and I just slide the battery 50,40,30,20,10 to 0 (none). It just starts crunching and then I just have to hope the micro USB I have plugged in remains plugged. I don't know why some phones behave this way. Or battery is full 100% but BOINC won't crunch because it is waiting for charge up to 10%.
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Message boards : Android : Odroid c1+ Android issue pauses

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