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Message 86782 - Posted: 30 Jun 2018, 15:08:37 UTC
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(If this is the wrong subforum for this could it be moved to a more appropriate one please?)

I’ve been playing around with boinctui lately because I really like it. It’s perfect for my needs. But I got annoyed that a few things weren’t how I wanted and that there were great PRs people had submitted that weren’t being looked at. I assume the author went AWOL at some point.

So I forked it, took the PRs myself and added some things of my own and the result is what I’m calling (slightly pompously...) boinctui-extended.

I’ve made a start with translating the code comments into English, fixed some strings/typos, started work to get rid of some cppcheck warnings, added a previous server hot key option (a godsend when you have 10 hosts...) and took every PR and modification I could find on GitHub. I’ve also added a host counter and a host ID option so you can name your added servers - never lose track again!

Have a play with it if you want. If you’d like to help me fix some bugs then that would be good too. I know literally zero cpp bar copying from stackoverflow. There are a fair few segmentation faults that occur with Sergei’s original codebase and it’d be good to try and fix them.

I also need help with error handling - I added a check to make sure the realloc() calls weren’t NULL, but if they ARE I don’t know how to handle that properly. Some advice would be helpful.

Some documentation is included now as well to help you get started.
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