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Message 85655 - Posted: 2 Apr 2018, 21:30:33 UTC

Is Mining Corrupting BOINC with Teams like Gridcoin or maybe the Pools?

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Message 85656 - Posted: 3 Apr 2018, 4:50:29 UTC
Last modified: 3 Apr 2018, 4:50:50 UTC

That all depends on what you mean by "corrupting".
In one sense it as as the credits earned are no always shown against the individual who's hardware did the work but against a "pseudo-individual", and a lot of control of an individual's computer appears to be done by the central pool.
On the other hand there appears to be no impact on the actual science results returned to the project.
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Message 85657 - Posted: 3 Apr 2018, 6:55:06 UTC - in response to Message 85655.  

Anyone with the knowledge on how to return seemingly correct data with a short turn-around time would be able to do this. In the past they did it for the credits, now they do it for the Gridcoins, next they'll do it for something else. If there's to be a next, because perhaps the Collatz Conjecture admin is onto something: we'll need end-to-end encryption to make this work uninterrupted. But then someone will find a way to break the encryption, etc.

What's against him in this case is that he cannot use a quorum, while on the other side it'll be gruesome for him to figure out where and when this started and have to reissue all that work, to be sure its outcome is correct.

Does that corrupt BOINC in any way?
Does mining do?
No, not in my opinion. Cheating does. But then cheating always does.
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Message 85723 - Posted: 4 Apr 2018, 17:54:25 UTC

I counted about 7.7billion points from pool-3 with that video card. (I had posted 14b on the forum before it was taken down but that was from all hosts.) Over half the credit of all the other hundreds of hosts for pool-3. Many of the hosts had very similar credits around 60m each.

Hopefully, for the admin, that user was from the same IP or something easy to track down so those tasks could be reissued.

I didn't see why but what about sieving makes the results impossible to have a quorum? Is there separate amounts of work being done depending on the host/gpu.config files?
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