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Message 85544 - Posted: 29 Mar 2018, 20:44:48 UTC
Last modified: 29 Mar 2018, 20:46:23 UTC

The "suspend when computer is in use" option is all or nothing: either all the allowed CPUs are used, or none. Instead, it would be nice if we were able to specify how many CPUs should be suspended when the computer is in use.

In my case for example, my system has 16 cores (32 threads). For my day-to-day usage, it's perfectly usable with 30 threads running Boinc. So I would like Boinc to use all 32 threads when the computer is not in use, and only 30 when it is. In the rare occasion where more capacity is required, I would simply suspend Boinc completely.
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Message 85555 - Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 12:51:36 UTC - in response to Message 85544.  

I would assume this would be instead of, or perhaps relating to, setting 'Use at most X% of CPU/CPU time', which is currently 'universal.' It could run at 99% when 'idle', but 85% when, in-use, for example.
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Message 85556 - Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 13:38:00 UTC
Last modified: 30 Mar 2018, 13:38:56 UTC

That's about one of our oldest feature requests: #41. It's probably easiest if you know someone who can code it, to ask them to do it, than to wait for one of our three volunteer coders to do it. The really easiest method is to just tell BOINC to run with so many CPU cores less, and the rest at full blast.
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Message 87373 - Posted: 30 Jul 2018, 9:57:54 UTC

I'll be short, because I can't make longer posts. I've made a script which will apply different settings if PC is Busy or Idle. It is useful to me and maybe some of you will find it useful too. I hope instructions are clear enough.

Here is link to GoogleDocs:
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Message boards : BOINC client : Feature request - Suspend X CPUs when computer is in use

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