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Message 84543 - Posted: 25 Jan 2018, 11:38:30 UTC


i setup boinc server and connect two client, all in local (cplan project is sucesfull)
Now i want to make some "tangible" project to represent to my managment, but i don`t have idea from where to start?
can i get some instructions from you? :)
links and some explanation how i can create specific project, for example to get some kind of score from some big data... or some calucaltions, or whatever where i can show power of boinc?

thank you!
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Message 84557 - Posted: 26 Jan 2018, 16:08:38 UTC - in response to Message 84543.  
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I posted a reply over at the grcpool forum. I see where maybe 32 people looked at your request for help there and no one answered. About the same number as here. I think users there think they are losing money if they help someone which is unfortunate.
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Message 84558 - Posted: 26 Jan 2018, 17:47:05 UTC - in response to Message 84543.  

It sounds to me that you want someone else to tell you what your project must be about? But that's not really how this works.
How it should work is that you have a plan of what you want to do, and start from there, develop applications, decide what platforms to make them for, and have a load of data at the ready that those applications can compute through. Then you put that into a BOINC server, and have separate clients crunch that data. Be it your own clients, or also from out there in the wide world.
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Message boards : Server programs : newbie question

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