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Message 81868 - Posted: 7 Oct 2017, 21:11:32 UTC

Boinc version 7.6.33 (64)
i5 w a GTX1060 driver 384.94
Resource share 45% E@H, 55% Seti. Cache set to 1.4 days plus .1 day.
True run time for E@H 30 min running 2 at a time. Also runs a different E@H app on the CPU. Boinc overestimates the GPU run time for Einstein to be as much as 1.5 hrs. This causes Boinc to think the cache is full when it really is not. Most of the week that is not a problem because when it gets low enough it will request work but on Tuesday it is a real concern.
Seti does an extended maintenance cycle on tuesdays and in order to get thru it the cache must be full.
The only work around I have found is to set NNT on Einstein until it starts asking for Seti work. This sort of micromanaging is a pain.
Any thought would be appreciated.
Thanx in advance
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Message boards : GPUs : cache issues

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