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Message 81539 - Posted: 22 Sep 2017, 14:48:12 UTC
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Welcome to the BOINC forums.

When you have problems with BOINC, please tell the volunteers on these forums what that problem is. We understand that you see your problem, you've lived with it for some time now, and you're urging for a quick solution. Not every problem is easily fixed from a small bit of information. It can even be quite difficult for any of the helping crew to help you when you do not give any information about what you actually see.

Therefore please always be so kind to give as much as possible of the following information:

  • Which BOINC version you run (See Help->About BOINC in BOINC Manager). We'd just like the version number, please: for instance v7.8.2
  • What your problem is exactly, write it out in as much detail as you can.
  • What you have done so far to try to remedy the problem.
  • If applicable, the project(s) that you have the problems with and if they have multiple applications, which ones give you problems.
  • Post the first 40 - 100 lines from your BOINC Event Log (CTRL+SHIFT+E), including it showing what your BOINC is doing, which project tasks it is running.
  • In case the log doesn't show this, please give us:
    • the CPU brand and model
    • the GPU brand and model
    • the driver version(s) you have installed
    • the operating system that you use

For more in-depth information and help, please see When requesting help in the Q&P forum.

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Message boards : GPUs : When requesting help on these forums

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