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Message 77361 - Posted: 13 Apr 2017, 10:43:10 UTC

Hi Guys,
I'd like to tidy up my DB size via db_purge. Reading the documentation for this I see:

"Workunits are purged only when their input files have been deleted"

How does this work when you have chosen to host input files on a remote HTTP server?

All I really want to do is remove completed results/workunits from my DB that were completed more than 7 days ago.

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Message 77367 - Posted: 13 Apr 2017, 17:09:27 UTC

The meaning is that file_deleter needs to have set the file_delete_state for all results and all workunits to done. file_deleter should ignore remote files and set the status to done. If that is not working check the file_deleter logfile why it is not setting the status.
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Message boards : Server programs : db_purge and remote files

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