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Message 72653 - Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 13:11:26 UTC

I am owner of a web development company based in Moreno Valley, CA. I am looking for new ideas to have my own hosting servers. Can BOINC help me with it in any case?
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Message 72658 - Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 14:06:06 UTC - in response to Message 72653.  

If you're looking for hosting servers, BOINC cannot help you. We're not a hosting servers company, we're a managing program that allows users to easily step in on helping science doing calculations on their computers. Calculations to better mankind in chemistry, medicine, mathematics, physical science, etc.

By the way, the link you entered in your first post can be seen as spam, were it not that (luckily for you?) it doesn't work. Perhaps make sure it doesn't work at all, as then I may have no choice but to banish your account, as it goes against the rules, in particular No commercial advertisements.
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Message boards : Web interfaces : How can BOINC help me?

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