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Message 70769 - Posted: 10 Jul 2016, 6:18:27 UTC
Last modified: 10 Jul 2016, 6:20:33 UTC

Testing out an old AMD HD 6790 (Actually Asus EAH6790) video card.
Boinc says its rated at 2688 GFLOPS Peek, yet it is only running about as fast as the built-in Intel HD 4000 rated at 147 GFlops Peek.
This is:
Windows 10 64bit
Intel i7-3770K
300GB Disk/ 224GB Free
75% CPU usage (so one CPU is free to feed GPUs)
Seti@Home Work Units.

Example AMD Work Unit:
45% Complete @ 58 Minutes on 70,727 GFLOPs Work Unit Size
46% Process Rate Per hour

Example Intel Work Unit:
41% Complete @ 60 Minutes on 70,727 GFLOPs Work Unit Size
41% Process Rate Per hour

MSI Afterburner says AMD Radepm HD 6700 Series running at 93% usage

So, according to the Boinc Benchmarks, my AMD GPU should be running about 18x faster than the Intel HD GPU and a 70,747 GFLOP Work Unit should take about 8 minutes on the 6790 GPU!

P.S. I have downloaded and installed the latest AMD 6790 Drivers and install the latest AMD Catalyst Control Center.

What have I got screwed up here?
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Message boards : GPUs : AMD6790 slow as Intel HD4000

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