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Clive Gaster

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Joined: 24 Mar 16
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United Kingdom
Message 68515 - Posted: 24 Mar 2016, 20:46:08 UTC

Do you know why my - User total score is reducing? On 14th March my score was ~560,000 and then on 24th March is was less than 420,000
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Profile Jord
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Help desk expert

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Message 68516 - Posted: 24 Mar 2016, 22:57:12 UTC - in response to Message 68515.  
Last modified: 24 Mar 2016, 22:57:35 UTC

Credits are given out by the projects, not by BOINC. So any problems with the credits are best asked at the project forums. In this case a thread is already busy on the CPDN forums: Total Credit.

If you scroll to around the 24th of March 2016, there's an explanation that: Andy thinks it is the pre-22011 credit that has gone. Andy is the project's administrator. He's since fixed it and people should get their credit back now.
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Clark W Nicholls

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Joined: 18 Mar 16
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United States
Message 68527 - Posted: 26 Mar 2016, 0:23:30 UTC - in response to Message 68515.  

I have removed all my cpu's from Climateprediction and seti@home. They both seem to have removed major amounts of credit from me. This is the second occurrence in 2 weeks.
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