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Message 65264 - Posted: 4 Nov 2015, 21:40:57 UTC

When will the developers for the linux version of BOINC send us an update that will robustly detect our GPU's? I'm running Mint 17.04 x64. Not a single version of Ubuntu will detect a GPU past 14.04. Currently our BOINC managers are half working and crippled without this feature.

We want to BOINC but currently can only do it at half speed!
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Message 65268 - Posted: 4 Nov 2015, 22:46:36 UTC - in response to Message 65264.  

As I already tried to explain over at Cosmology, it isn't exactly a BOINC problem, but a drivers problem. Your Linux needs all the correct drivers, you may have to symlink them to the boinc-client directory if they're not in the place BOINC expects them, and you have to allow for your operating system to load them completely before you start BOINC.

It doesn't help that this changes with each distro, and each iteration of distro. So it may have worked in a previous version of Mint, but not in the present one. It may be that the drivers are moved to a whole new directory under the new distro, so how is BOINC ever going to cope with that? Berkeley can't start to build a BOINC for every Linux distro out there and renew these for every new iteration of distro, there's just no money or man power for that.

So then a lot of that falls back to the package maintainers for the different distros. Perhaps that they can build a good BOINC for every iteration of distro, but then you do not want to live on the bleeding-edge of changes and updates, as building software and testing if everything works takes a while.

As for present versions of BOINC, there are lots available by Locutus of Borg at, all the way up to 7.6.12 (present).

That there is no present official Berkeley version of a BOINC 7.6 is mainly because of a lot of difficulties with compiling wxWidgets 3.0 for a long time, and now because the developers have paid jobs away from BOINC that keep them busy.

If you feel up to it, you can also always try to change the source code and then compile BOINC yourself using CompileClient as a guide.
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