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Pop Horea-Vasile

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Message 65197 - Posted: 2 Nov 2015, 10:28:29 UTC


Have 2 GPUs: Nvidia GTX 760 -- witch is computing
and a GPU on APU A8-6500. When I didn't had 760 it was computing on the gpu from apu.

I saw that if I put a resitance on vga output it will work. Can't find that drawing, now.
Have VGA and DVI output on motherboard with is connected to APU.

Do you think it will work ?
Techincal Drawings and detailed explanations, can you ofer me ?

Have letcon and a vga cable. Can do my self.
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Richard Haselgrove
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Message 65198 - Posted: 2 Nov 2015, 10:35:04 UTC - in response to Message 65197.  

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Message 65285 - Posted: 5 Nov 2015, 23:53:35 UTC

Also check in the BIOS/EFI to make sure that the integrated GPU isn't disabled when a card is installed. That's the default setting on most motherboards.
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Message 65287 - Posted: 6 Nov 2015, 10:25:54 UTC - in response to Message 65197.  

What does the Boinc startup from the Event Log show?

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Message 65906 - Posted: 9 Dec 2015, 0:20:14 UTC
Last modified: 9 Dec 2015, 0:25:25 UTC

Config: use all coprocessors
can't r remeber the process but found in forums somewhere
I run a aib r9 270x&igpu hd7660
I think this is it,but get some more info from someone wizer than I
<cc_config> <log_flags> </log_flags> <options> <use_all_gpus>1</use_all_gpus> </options> </cc_config>
my apu runs headless w/r9 270x on displays and crunching on asrock fm2a85x extreme 6 a10-5800k...all 4 cores+igpu+aib gpu
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