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Professor Ray

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Message 60460 - Posted: 22 Feb 2015, 6:53:13 UTC

Hey there, all you ~2500 project crunchers!

The project servers are being down right now; the project servers are being moved.

Constellation project-servers are being relocated using ants carrying each server-granula from the Earth to the Moon on the Earth-to-Moon transmission-string; that's how far away the new server is.

There are trillions of ants doing the job. What was unanticipated was that the use of a single string would cause prollems, after each server-relocation-tasked ant deposits its assigned server-gruanula-load onto the moon, it makes an unladen journey along the Earth-to-Moon server-relocation-string. If it encounters another ant in the opposite direction there occurs what is known classically as a etherant-collision, i.e., both ants drop their packets and flee in opposite directions.

According to ether-ant collision protocol, no ant will step upon the Earth-to-Moon-Constellation_Server_migration_string if the vibration of a 'packet-collision' is detected by an ant on either end of the 'String'.

This is true because I'm sitting on 48hrs - 2xWU - crunch-time results. I heard the thrips chriping on the Twitchit'
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Dr Who Fan

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Message 60461 - Posted: 22 Feb 2015, 7:25:59 UTC - in response to Message 60460.  

Great antology
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