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1) Message boards : GPUs : Using Nvidia Tesla Dual GPU card (Message 86594)
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It's missing the end tags, as the log tells you. Tags start with
and end with
, with a slash at the start of the tag.

So in your case, that's

However, <code>use_all_gpus</code> is only used when you have two differing same brand GPUs you want to use, for instance a GTX1080 and your Quadro. When a dual GPU is detected, both GPUs on there ought to be exactly the same already, as Nvidia doesn't release dual GPU cards with two wildly differing GPUs.

I checked your system on GPUGrid and the one task you ran there does say it ran on the Tesla, which is possible. But that you may have had a forced driver update from Windows in the mean time. Windows drivers take away at least OpenCL capability. If you haven't done so yet, you may want to disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10.
Another possibility is that the GPUGrid application can detect the GPUs in your system and use them.
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Android Einstein@home "Could not connect" while trying to attach to the project (Message 86593)
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Okay, I've tested it on my own phone and there it can't connect either. Now, Einstein has had to change its SSL certificate, which may be the problem. If it is that, there's not much you or I can do about that, as we cannot reach the ca-bundle.crt file that causes this.

In the mean time I've forwarded my log to one of the Einstein developers, I'll await his answer before picking this up further. I've pointed him to your thread on the Einstein forums, you may want to keep an eye on that. I wouldn't expect an answer before Monday though.
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : task manager is disconnected using windows 10 (Message 86576)
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Disconnected means that the manager (graphical user interface) cannot connect to the client (the actual program). This can happen when:
1. the client isn't running. Check in Task Manager if boinc.exe is actually running.
2. something else is taking up the port that BOINC uses to communicate between its parts (TCP 31416)
3. you didn't allow said port or BOINC's program parts through the Windows (or third party) firewall.

It's of course also possible it's something completely new, Windows 10 specific (but then I would expect a lot of people complaining about it), or specific about your system (more likely).

You do know that when you exit the command line, that BOINC closes, unless you use <code>boinc.exe --detach_console</code>?
That added command starts the client and closes the command line window while leaving the program running.
4) Message boards : Projects : A strange, new project (Message 86569)
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What I find interesting is that it uses volunteers for it, not volunteers' computers... so know what you sign up for. ;-)
5) Message boards : Questions and problems : Android Einstein@home "Could not connect" while trying to attach to the project (Message 86565)
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You can set the verbosity of the message log by going BOINC Manager -> Preferences -> Check Show Advanced preferences and controls -> BOINC client log flags -> check http_debug ->Save.Try it with that and post the log back.
6) Message boards : The Lounge : Needful Things (Message 86555)
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For when you wanted to do some cryptocurrency but cannot easily decide which: current prices of all cryptocurrency (1,628 at the time of writing, choice enough!)
7) Message boards : Projects : Distributed Hardware Evolution (Message 86554)
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Just reading.
to host an island running a Genetic Algorithm in an island - What?

based coevolutionary setting synthesising future super-reliable electronics such as those used in autonomous vehicles, power stations, medical equipment, aerospace. - So they're talking about the Internet of Things? If this is to run on that, what do they need us for?

These are of increasingly paramount importance as more and more human lives rely on well functioning hardware. - Uh... so why do a BOINC project that's hardware based (see name) and is supposedly looking at new IoT implementations? How are they using a user's computer to figure that out?

Observation of population dynamics will also help us understand Evolution, not only to harness it to reach 'better than human' designs, but also to learn how migration rates, genetic diversity and the inner mechanisms of genetic recombination have concerted to reach the biodiversity and wonder of living organisms today. - So they're not looking into new IoT implementations?

DHEP is based at the University of Sussex. - I put the link as they did it and can tell you that doesn't work.

Now the explanation from is way better, after you managed to get past the initial blurb which again doesn't make sense...
Host an island with a population of circuits struggling for survival in a hostile online world. During your PCs idle time individuals from this population will evolve through artificial evolution in a process of survival of the meekest into circuits with Concurrent Error Detection (CED) and will compete with those hosted on other PCs by migrating to and from them. These circuits will not be constrained by conventional design rules since evolution finds efficient solutions without worrying about how complex they are to understand - just as it did with our own bodies and brains.

Just start reading from Self-Diagnosing Hardware and it's more understandable. Also, the stand-alone client was Java based. I'm not sure how far the developers came with integrating Java into BOINC, but fingers crossed they manage to figure this out.
8) Message boards : The Lounge : The Seti is Down Cafe (Message 86540)
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Place your bets in the special private betting office at the right of the hall to the toilets. It's GDPR proof. If you don't want anyone to know what you bet on, be silent. :)
9) Message boards : Questions and problems : Impossible to re install Boinc Manager [OS X] (Message 86539)
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Then I don't know. I've forwarded your post to the BOINC developer for Mac.
10) Message boards : Questions and problems : Impossible to re install Boinc Manager [OS X] (Message 86532)
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Newer Mac systems include a security setting that can block the installation of apps downloaded from places other than the Mac App Store. To install (the software this help page is for), you need to allow apps downloaded from identified developers as well the Mac App Store. Do this by adjusting your security settings:

1. Go to System Preferences | Security & Privacy
2. Click on the padlock icon at the lower-left corner to enable you to make changes.
3. Choose "App Store and identified developers"
11) Message boards : Questions and problems : Exempt Project from "Compute only between" Setting (Message 86516)
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From Client Configuration - Options:
If set, exempt non-CPU-intensive tasks from suspension in most cases. New in 7.5

But I am not sure if it will work in your case, as the 'compute only between' preference is pretty strict. When my brain clears, I'll try to find more about it tomorrow. In the mean time, you could try it.

12) Message boards : News : Client version 7.10.2 released (Message 86514)
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Check that Activity (BOINC Manager->View->Advanced view->Activity menu) is set to "Run based on preferences". If it's set to Run Always, it'll do exactly that.
Also check that boinctray.exe is running. This is the BOINC idle detection program.
13) Message boards : Questions and problems : Cannot update to 7.10.2 (Message 86510)
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I updated the version history, release notes and change log for this update.
14) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC 7.9/7.10 Change Log (Message 86509)
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BOINC 7.10.3 available for Macintosh.

On development versions of BOINC:
- Expect parts of it to be broken, or in the least to work in a different way than you are used to.
- Expect work failures, deadline misses and losing all your accumulated work in progress, or not getting credit for your work due to unknown and unforeseen circumstances.
- Only use it when you are willing to participate in the Alpha test program and do not mind sending (bug) reports in to the developers on the email list specially assigned for this purpose.
- Due to the CUDA and OpenCL detection, your screen may flicker or turn off temporarily. This is normal.

System Requirements
• Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, 32bit and 64bit.
• Mac OS X versions 10.6.0 and above, 64bit only.
• Linux, built for and current Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian/Redhat distributions, may work on others, 32bit and 64bit.

It's far easier for the developers to fix problems when you send message logs with the appropriate flags set. The main flags are:

<cpu_sched_debug>: problems involving the choice of applications to run.
<work_fetch_debug>: problems involving work fetch (which projects are asked for work, and how much).
<rr_simulation>: problems involving jobs being run in high-priority mode.
<sched_op_debug>: problems involving scheduler operations and other low level information.

Use these flags from the cc_config.xml file.

Report any problems you get with it to the Alpha email list. This list requires access to Google Groups, which may require a Gmail email address. To sign up with the group, click the "Apply to join group" button.

Reporting bugs on this forum or any project's forum isn't very productive as the developers simply do not have time to scour through all forums looking for posts with your bug reports in them. While it may happen that we - other volunteers - forward your problem to them, history has shown it is quite difficult being the middle man in this when more information is needed from you. Hence why it's better for all concerned that you report the problem directly to the developers, who will come back directly to you when they need more information or better logs or to tell you that they've checked in a fix for the specific problem.

Adding the possible bug to Github Issues is also an option. Github requires registration as well.

The actual change log was taken from the Alpha email list and the Github Timeline repository changes check-ins, but it can happen that changes in the list are missing, double, or misplaced. This disclaimer was written by the volunteer moderators of this forum and approved of by the BOINC volunteer development team.

Preliminary Change Log 7.10.2->7.10.3

  • Patch wxWidgets 3.1.0 to fix BOINC Manager crash on OS 10.6

Available installers:

Macintosh 7.10.3

15) Message boards : Questions and problems : AMD/ATI GPU at 0% utilization, NVIDIA GPU works great (Message 86488)
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Yay! :)
16) Message boards : Questions and problems : AMD/ATI GPU at 0% utilization, NVIDIA GPU works great (Message 86486)
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As far as I know, Primegrid requires that the GPU supports CAL for (most of?) their AMD applications. If you updated the driver on the R9 to the newest, the CAL support in it got deprecated. You either have to return to the older driver you had before, or no longer use the AMD GPU for Primegrid.

I get these messages on startup:
07/06/2018 22:39:26 | PrimeGrid | Application uses missing ATI GPU
07/06/2018 22:39:26 | | App version needs CAL but GPU doesn't support it

That's for my:
07/06/2018 22:39:26 | | OpenCL: AMD/ATI GPU 0: Radeon (TM) RX 470 Graphics (driver version 2580.6, device version OpenCL 2.0 AMD-APP (2580.6), 8192MB, 8192MB available, 5161 GFLOPS peak) which doesn't support CAL either, and really doesn't in hardware.

CAL is the old ATI way of doing calculations on the GPU, before they dropped support for it and went all out on OpenCL. While the applications at Primegrid may run in OpenCL, they require CAL detection of the GPU. Even Seti has a couple of those.

I think that the last driver to have full CAL support was 15.7.1
17) Message boards : Questions and problems : How to use more Resources (Message 86483)
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I said that overclocking can introduce errors, I never said anything about it being unstable. However, you cannot compare the use of the CPU or GPU between a game and a science application. The latter can require that the hardware used must be as much error free as possible. For instance, in a game you can drop one to more pixels on a GPU without it being noticeable, or drop one or more data transfers on the CPU which will cause a stutter, while the science application will then only throw errors.

Overclocking will also add more heat, and more heat can also mean more errors. Even the Turbo setting on CPUs, with which the manufacturers temporarily clock the CPU at a higher clock speed, can cause trouble.

So all I said was, that if you see a lot of errors, clock down to more normal levels. Or add better cooling. Or do both. .
18) Message boards : News : Client version 7.10.2 released (Message 86471)
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In this thread, or you can post a new thread in the Questions and problems forum.
19) Message boards : Projects : CPDN project offline again (Message 86469)
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Andy Bowery, CPDN main hooha wrote:
Hi All,

The CPDN project has been taken offline. We are currently performing a database dump from the backup project. This is being performed in order to construct a new dedicated main database server.

Best regards,

20) Message boards : Questions and problems : Ritchie (Message 86468)
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I didn't find any request for help from you at their help desk forums.
The only Ritchie from New Zealand with credit has these computers. If that's your computer grouping and your last problem was with the AMD/Windows 10 system and you ran only on the GPU, then I suspect you ran into the problem where Windows updates the videocard drivers for you which disables OpenCL. And without OpenCL, no work to be had for the GPU. Only by telling Windows to stop auto-updating drivers and by reinstalling drivers from AMD can you overcome that problem.

If you're still looking for help, it's always best to post a BOINC start up log (CTRL+SHIFT+E in BOINC Manager). The first 40 lines or so will do.
If you came just to rant and be on your way, then so be it. Bye, I'd say.

Do know that we are not the Seti forums....

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