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Gabriel Schulhof

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Message 49136 - Posted: 15 May 2013, 21:27:51 UTC

I've been following http://lhcathomeclassic.cern.ch/sixtrack/forum_thread.php?id=3737#25540 about how new work was available, but I tried attaching to the project yesterday (2013-05-15) and I couldn't get any new work.

Is there new work available?

I'm asking here because the LHC sixtrack forums require that I have a certain amount of minimum credit before they'll allow me to post.
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David Ball

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Message 49230 - Posted: 21 May 2013, 23:35:23 UTC

I've been getting new work from LHC but it just seems to be available randomly during the day. I'm only running a small share of LHC so it's not a problem for me but if you're trying to get a lot of workunits, it might be a problem. Also, boinc 7.0.64 seems to increase the time it will wait before it tries the project again each time it fails to get work. If you will occasionally, do a manual update on LHC, it will reduce the wait time. Note also that if it doesn't get work from LHC and it can get work from another project, it will.

They're working on changing the work fetch logic and it will probably be backported to the 7.0.x version once it's debuged.

Do NOT run the 7.1.x client because they've just started on it and there are lots of work fetch problems in it. Boinc 7.1.1 is listed as the UNSTABLE alpha test version and it really is UNSTABLE :-)

David Ball
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Richard Haselgrove
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Message 49234 - Posted: 22 May 2013, 7:15:47 UTC

Always check the Sixtrack Server Status page (or the equivalent at other projects) when you have a question like this. If there are no (or very few) 'Tasks ready to send', then it's unlikely that you will receive any work.

Sixtrack, in particular, tends to release work in batches at unpredictable intervals: you may get some, or you may not.
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Profile Jord
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Message 49237 - Posted: 22 May 2013, 14:01:50 UTC - in response to Message 49230.  

They're working on changing the work fetch logic and it will probably be backported to the 7.0.x version once it's debuged.

No, it won't. The new work fetch logic is part of the new 7.2 client, for which the 7.1 range is going to be the alpha/beta/development range (whatever you want to call it).

It was specifically taken out of the 7.0.64/65 release because it needs intensive testing. The present 7.0 range is done, it'll only receive a couple more updates for bugs that were found and fixed. Not for completely new additions.
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